Meet the Scholars

  • Danielle Wright
    Thanks to Project L/EARN, I was a stronger applicant than I would have been without participating.
  • Zaid Gayle
    Prior to receiving the Community Health Leaders award, advocacy for our organization and our youth was labored and difficult.
  • Melody S. Goodman, PhD, MPH
    The most intangible outcome of my experience is the most precious...
  • Donna Zulman, MD, MS
    The RWJF Clinical Scholars program provides an unparalleled opportunity to interact with...
  • Sarah Miller, PhD
    The interdisciplinary nature of the Scholars in Health Policy Research program allowed me to get the perspective of experts...
  • Helena Dagadu, MPH
    Health policy research is my passion—and my path to solutions.
  • Gabriel Sanchez, PhD
    Student participation in the RWJF Center for Health Policy enables them to direct their education toward public service in...
  • Robert Atkins, PhD, RN
    The RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholars program gave me the resources and support to intensify my work as a researcher...
  • Arlene Goldsmith, LCSW, PhD
    The RWJF Community Health Leaders award dramatically increased the visibility of New Alternatives for Children...
  • Marie L. Lobo, PhD, RN, FAAN
    The RWJF Nursing and Health Policy Collaborative at UNM engages nursing scholars to become distinguished leaders...


There are no upcoming application deadlines at this time.